Beach Style

Beach Style-1848
Beach Style

Beach Style by amberwilk featuring a sun hat

I absolutely love the beach and beach style. In fact I usually wear my hair in beachy waves even when I’m not at the beach. I love this Kevin Murphy Resort Spray, it smells amazing, gives your hair a little shine and that texture like you just got out of the ocean.

Also, very important when going to the beach is SPF. I know we have all read article after article about how harmful tanning can be, yet still I hear of so many women getting sunburns or still going to tan beds! As a tanning expert (see Amber Spray Tans) I can’t stress the importance of protecting your skin enough. Spray tanning or at home self tanners are really the way to go (more on this later). Besides, who wants all of those tan lines anyway? Trust me, coming from someone who has experienced the scare of pre-cancerous cells and having a few clients (in their 20’s and 30’s) who have had skin cancer, SPF is worth it.

Have a great weekend!


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