Perks Of Being A Wallflower

Perks Of Being A Wallflower-2038

Bar III Floral Dress | Forever 21 Belt | Ariel Gordon Silk Bracelet  | Olivia + Joy Bag | Fergie Roxanne Sandals
It has been pretty darn hot in LA the past couple of days, so naturally I went for a breezy floral dress. It also means air dried hair (I would have preferred a more polished look with this but the thought of turning on a hair dryer or anything else hot was too much). The colors in the print are great and I complemented the dress with a yellow bag and skinny belt. I love the contrast of the structured bag and black strappy heels with the soft, flowy floral. 
In other news, today is my birthday. I am twenty-five. 25! Strange as it may sound, I have really been looking forward to this. There’s something about 25 that just feels exciting to me. I know I am moving deeper and deeper into adulthood, which proves to be getting more complicated, stressful and expensive each year, but I feel amazingly refreshed and young. I feel like I am more self assured, confident and ambitious than ever. Like I’ve been walking along the beach of life collecting all kinds of the little pebbles of knowledge, experience and faith and now I have gathered enough pebbles to use them to move into this next chapter of my life and do…whatever I want.  
Today I am celebrating by pampering myself (hair and nail appointments set!) and then its off to a “Speak Easy” for cocktails, finger foods, dancing, and a Great Gatsby Best Dressed Contest (I’m going to win!). Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post on what I wore 😉    


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