Sassy ‘N Strapless

Sassy ‘N Strapless-2090

Vintage AJ Bari Dress | Thrifted Belt | Necklace (old) | Skull Wrap Bracelet | Gold Knuckle Ring | Tildon Heels

I am obsessing over the black and white trend for Spring. I wish I could say that I found this amazing strapless dress in a tucked away vintage boutique, but it’s actually a hand me down from someone very special to me. Knowing her, she probably did find it in a some hidden gem of a boutique. As I’ve stated in my previous post  I love it when pieces have meaning, memories and history. Like the gold bracelet I wear alllll the time (above) was my mom’s and every time I wear it I have a little bit of her essence carrying me through the day. The same goes for this dress. Although I know she would have styled it totally different, I feel like I possess a certain sass that wasn’t there before I put it on. I added the adorable skull bracelet that has just the right amount of punk to go with the op art, flower print of the dress and of course a statement necklace.

A little side story: My dog now thinks she is a model. When we stopped to take these pics, she was with us because she is my road dawg, and as soon as we started taking pictures she freaked out, jumped out of the car (which was only a few feet away in the shade) ran right up next to me and sat down with a big smile on her face, as if to say “I’m ready for my close up”.


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